Traditionally, a person’s financial and personal affairs have been managed by a diverse and unconnected group of individuals ranging from investment and tax advisors, retirement consultants, through to accountants and legal advisors.

We believe this approach places an excessive and unnecessary burden on clients as they must spend their own time and energy to keep track of what is going on and then communicate with their many advisors. And it neglects what we term the dynamic interaction of all financial matters, a comprehensive overview of a client’s needs and goals and how best to achieve them.

That’s why we developed our all-encompassing expert service offering so that our clients only have to deal with one person for all their financial and personal needs. We can be your coordinator, coach, partner and financial architect as well as providing you with other private financial, legal and consulting services and advice. For example, we can

  • process your tax return and interact with tax authorities on your behalf
  • conduct a full analysis of your financial situation
  • advise you if you are self employed
  • help you develop a wealth plan to reach your goals
  • plan your retirement
  • advise on charitable giving
  • advise you on a range of other financial, legal and personal issues


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