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Great website, shame about the content


Communication matters, and while many start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) recognize the importance of effective communication, too often they are not realizing its full potential. Some cite costs as a reason, and others simply do not know that they are communicating in a way that is damaging their business’s potential. In a highly competitive environment, this failure to understand and commit fully can mean the difference between success or failure.

First impressions count


Let’s look at company websites as an example. Many businesses think they will attract and retain customers simply by having a fancy new website. But in many cases, they forget about the real key to success; great content. This is a big mistake.

Your content is what sets your website apart from the crowd. It delivers the right message directly into the hearts and minds of your potential customers. Indeed, the success of all your communication and marketing efforts will be determined primarily in this way. Ensuring your content is relevant and customer-centric, i.e. it focuses on the needs and wants of your potential customer, will help to capture their attention. And clear, concise and consistent content that delivers the right message in the right way can persuade them to act.

If you are not talking to people in a way that appeals to them, or via the channels they use, they won’t listen. Or maybe they know but are unimpressed and simply reject you and go somewhere else. And worse, if your communication and marketing materials generally are poor quality or contain mistakes, why would a potential customer trust you? And a reputation is the hardest thing to win back. If they think you don’t care enough to invest in well-written and structured content they’ll maybe wonder what other things you are neglecting. Your potential customers are time poor and have a lot of choice. They will quickly critique what they see and form an instant opinion. So, it is crucial to get their attention with high-quality, credible content that lets them know immediately they are in the right place and makes them want to learn more.

A marathon and not a sprint


The commitment to quality needs to be maintained through good times and bad. Companies that don’t do this, or that panic at the first sign of trouble, may have a limited life expectancy. Of course, you may accept all this but think you cannot afford an in-house communication and marketing professional.


The good news is that there are highly experienced, professional communicators out there who will work with you in a way that suits you – on retained contracts, for ad-hoc projects, or on an interim basis – with reasonable rates charged on a daily or fixed price basis.

Leave your competitors wondering what happened


Forward looking businesses invest in high-quality communication and marketing capabilities because they know that what they are really investing in is the future, building credibility, reputation and long-lasting customer relationships that will benefit their business significantly. Can you afford not to?


The next step


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This blog is the first in a series covering key communication and marketing topics including tips on how to write engaging content for websites, social media and traditional channels, how to ensure search engine optimization, what to consider when developing key messages and value propositions, cutting edge visual content, and how to select the right tone of voice for your brand.

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