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Forget Brexit

You're probably aware that the deadline for the UK to leave the European Union is approaching fast, but when exactly is anyone's guess. Regardless of this, there is another, more pressing date of which you should be aware.   The clock is ticking   Do you know that you...

The fairy tale of the tax-saving mortgage

Would you pay someone CHF 18,000 to avoid paying someone else CHF 6000? I doubt it. You’d be CHF 12,000 worse off. Yet that’s exactly what you’re doing if you can afford to pay off your mortgage but choose not to because you’ve heard that it’ tax efficient.   Of...


Plan your pension the smart way   Have you been dreaming about the joys of retirement for years, or do you think you are too young to be bothered with all that boring pension stuff? Whichever category you’re in you really should start thinking seriously about your...

SME Growth

Quality versus Quantity   Growth is good, right? Indeed, it’s at the heart of most, if not every company’s long-term goals. And there are myriad reasons to strive to expand your company. It gives you more independence and is often viewed as an indicator of success. In...

AHV Pension Increase

On the 1st of January 2018 the maximum pension of the AHV/IV funds will increase from CHF 2’350.00 to CHF 2’370.00. This decision is based on the latest analysis of the salary-price index. Since this figure is the reference point for most other key figures in the...

Communication matters 1

Great website, shame about the content   Communication matters, and while many start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) recognize the importance of effective communication, too often they are not realizing its full potential. Some cite costs as a...

What happens to my swiss pension when I move?

What happens to my pension if I leave Switzerland?   For the first time, Switzerland has 2 million non-Swiss residents. That’s nearly a quarter of the nation's 8.3 million population. You may be one of these non-Swiss residents, a beneficiary of today’s highly mobile...

Switzerland’s looming skills shortage Part 3

Focusing on the essentials   In previous posts we examined how a lack of skilled workers will affect the Swiss labour market generally. But how will it impact your company specifically, and what can you do about it?   In an ideal world you would focus entirely on...

Switzerland’s looming skills shortage Part 2

How the digitalization of accounting can help   In July 2018, there were over 30,000 vacancies in Switzerland according to the Staatssekretariat fϋr Wirtschaft[1] (SECO), the Swiss government body responsible for monitoring and developing economic and labour market...

Switzerland’s looming skills shortage Part 1

Major developments impacting Switzerland’s labour market   By 2030, Switzerland’s workforce will face a shortfall of half a million workers according to a recent University of Zurich report[1].   This acute lack of workers, particularly skilled workers, could have...

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