AHV Pension Increase

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On the 1st of January 2018 the maximum pension of the AHV/IV funds will increase from CHF 2’350.00 to CHF 2’370.00. This decision is based on the latest analysis of the salary-price index. Since this figure is the reference point for most other key figures in the three pillars of Swiss social security, they will also increase.


The change will have the following effects:


AHV/IV pension:

  • Minimum age pension: Increase from CHF 1’175 to CHF 1’185
  • Maximum marriage pension: Increase from CHF 3’525 to CHF 3’555


Minimum Contribution:

  • (AHV: CHF 395, IV: CHF 66, EO: CHF 21) AHV/IV/EO: CHF 482
  • (AHV: CHF 790, IV: CHF 132) Voluntary AHV/IV: CHF 922



  • Coordination deduction: Increase from CHF 24’675 to CHF 24’885
  • Entry threshold: Increase from CHF 21’150 to CHF 21’330


Maximum legal payment into bound voluntary insurance (pillar 3A) and therefore maximum tax deduction:

  • New CHF 6’826 (today CHF 6’768) for people who are also paying into a pillar 2
  • New CHF 34’128 (today CHF 33’840) for people without a pillar 2


Please be aware that these changes can influence monthly contributions.

The graphic below published by Swiss Life visualizes the yearly figures that are determined by the maximum AHV pension.



Fig. 1

You can find more detailed information on this topic in the official publication of the federal office of social security:



Source Fig. 1 Swiss Life publications:



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